Meissen Porcelain Museum

The exquisite porcelain sculptures handcrafted by master craftsmen since 1710 in the Meissen porcelain museum.

I leave the Albrechtsburg and wander down through the twisting, narrow streets of the old city of Meissen, passing unique boutique shops and sidewalk cafes bustling with visitors.

The Porcelain museum houses the finest collection of historical porcelain dating back centuries and is arranged with beautiful showcases made of stained oak forming a wonderful frame for the Meissen collection dating back to 1710. Almost 3500 pieces of the unique collection are on display in the museum. There are also contemporary works by modern artists from across the world on display.

Meissen commemorated the craftsmanship in Saxony on the occasion of German reunification with the largest porcelain free standing sculpture in the world, the ‘Saxon statue of liberty’. I stand in awe before this perfect example of master Meissen porcelain craftsmanship, made with over 8000 blossom flowers, weighing 800 kilograms.

I carry on past the statue and past the oak displays showcasing the thousands of sculptures mirroring politics, still life, entertainment and many other themes over the centuries that Meissen porcelain craftsmen have been plying their magnificent trade.

I join the tour and find out how the plates and cups are made, from the forms to the handmade painters that transfer their masterly work and characters onto the pre glaze and post glaze porcelain pieces.

Scenes sculpted so perfectly from yesteryear fill my head as I visit the Meissen outlet store and pick up a beautiful mug for my wife, marked on the bottom with the famous crossed swords of the Meissen porcelain factory.


The specified gallery is trashed.