A visit to the Old Jewish cemetery in Dresden, and Martin Luther Church.

I set out from the Radisson Blu Radebeul in my rental and am lucky to find a parking spot on Martin Luther Platz about fifteen minutes later.

The beautiful sandstone building was built between 1883 and 1887. Combining neo-Romanesque style elements such as the arch with neo-Gothic proportions such as the tower helmet of the west tower, the church is 54 meters long and 27 meters wide. With around 1400 seats, the neo-Romanesque interior is divided into three naves. The Church was only slightly damaged in WWII and so the interior is largely preserved. The parish of the Martin Luther Church was formed in 1887. At the back of the Church there is a beautiful memorial to the German fallen in WWI.

I wander around the square and then make my way towards the Old Jewish cemetery of Dresden, just down the Pulsnitzer Street and less than two minutes walk from the church.It is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Saxony and was created in 1751 when it was located outside the city walls. Today is is nestled in the middle of the ‘Neustadt’ residential quarter. It was closed in 1869 with the opening of the new cemetery in Johannstadt. There are over 1000 Jewsih souls resting in the cemetery, which is gated. All the inscriptions on the pillar shaped gravestones face east.

After visiting the church and cemetery I found a lovely Cafe called Lloyds Cafe and Bar in one corner of the Martin Luther Platz. The interior is very welcoming and warm, and the cappuccino was good.