A day in Dresden’s ‘Neustadt’, New Town District

The quarter on the right bank of the Elbe river is called Neustadt (New city) even though the settlement across from the Old City bore the name ‘Altendresden’ (Old Dresden) until the 18th Century. Over time Neustadt has transformed into a scenic quarter with many trendy restaurants, bars, clubs, and small boutiques.

From the Golden Horseman, to the Kunsthof Passage with its’ five courtyards waiting to be discovered, to the historic Pfund Brothers Dairy and the Erich Karstner Museum, it is all waiting for you in Dresden’s New Town District!

The Golden Horseman

A must visit is the statue of Augustus the Strong (Elector of Saxony and King of Poland) stands proudly at New Town Market since 1736. The monument is covered in gold leaf and shows Augustus in Roman armor on his invasion of the Kingdom of Poland to the east. Augustus the Strong and his son Frederick II gave rise to the many baroque buildings and art collections, which earned the Elbe metropolis the name ‘Florence on the Elbe’.

The Erich Kästner Museum

About the museum – in a nutshell The Erich Kästner Museum was opened in 2000 for the 101st birthday of Erich Kästner.

It shows the world-famous author of children’s books, user’s lyricists, journalists and media man as an exemplary author of the 20th century.

It offers a methodology of information transfer based on self-determined informal discovery. The visitor is encouraged to recontextualize the objects of the museum and their own knowledge. The mobile interactive micromuseum® consists of a core that offers not only multimedia technology but also exhibition space for originals and a small library, as well as 13 mobile pillars equipped with drawers and presentation surfaces. In addition to Erich Kästner’s primary work, there are newspaper articles, letters, reviews, testimonials, discussion contributions, photos, facsimiles and a wide selection of secondary literature among the exhibits. The objects are intended for use by the visitor.

The Art Courtyard Passage (Kunsthof Passage)

The ‘Kunsthof’ passage, or art courtyard passage, that is between Alaunstrasse 70 and Gorlitzer Strasse 21-25 is the site of hugely creative and diverse activity. There are five courtyards to discover and you will find numerous restaurants, bars, cafes, galleries and shops. No one remembers if the challenge of revitalizing this interesting area came from the need to modernize or as part of the new live-work- fun space creation.

The Pfund Brothers Dresden Dairy

The milk shop was a mosaic stone, the last link in the chain of a clever and far sightedly planned company strategy. Visionary, initiator and organizer was the future Privy Councillor Paul Gustav Leander Pfund (1849-1923).

The son of a spirits producer, he was a successful farmer in Reinholdshain. In 1879 he went to Dresden with his wife Mathilde, six cows, the same amount of pigs and set ideas: He wanted to establish a stable foundation for the milk supply.

At that time poorly cooled milk in open wagons was transported into the city from neighboring villages. The wagons returned loaded with old clothing or kitchen waste.

This situation’s lack of hygiene became a personal challenge for Pfund. He wanted to deliver fully hygienic milk to the constantly growing city populace and thus began to do so in a small shop on Görlitzer Straße.

The Most Beautiful Dairy in the World

In the late 19th century the farmer Paul Pfund traveled to Dresden with his wife and six cows from Reinholdshain in order to supply the city with healthy milk. He founded Gebrüder Pfund dairy in Dresden in 1880, which has developed over the years into a successful company which exports its products worldwide.

The centerpiece of this is the world’s most beautiful milk shop, located on the ground floor level − a picture book business, which is entirely decorated with hand painted Villeroy & Boch tiles and was recorded in the Guinness Books of Records in 1998. The German gourmet magazine Feinschmecker opines: “The ornate Pfund dairy is a symbol of the Saxonians lust for life.”

Whether Pfund’s milk soap, condensed milk, milk grappa or Christmas stollen, all the Pfund products stand out because of their unique, historical packaging and are subject to intensive and consistent quality controls.

Visit and experience a feast for all the senses: Visually breathtaking, fireworks for the olfactory senses and palate! Treat yourself. Enjoy this wonderful symbiosis of cheese and wine.