Winery Karl Friedrich Aust

I decide to take a walk on a beautiful sunny summer day, and start by wandering through the narrow streets behind the Radisson Blu Park Hotel & Conference Centre, Dresden Radebeul. I have heard that there are interesting and historic wineries right behind the hotel and I set out to find one, or two, or three…

I pass by old houses with beautiful gardens in full bloom, many with a few vines growing in the gardens.

I feel history of the place in the air, and I think of the citizens who have been cultivating these vineyards for over five hundred years.

I pass by interesting old houses with interesting windows and finally arrive at the Karl Friedrich Aust winery. He arrived in Radebeul and founded this amazing winery, developing it into the over six hectares it now has in the best locations in Radebeul.

The winery includes a shop selling the best wines on offer, as well as a farm shop and a small restaurant. I sit down on the wine terrace and have a refreshing glass of white wine before I head back along the perfumed lanes to the hotel.