The story behind our website

When we first sat down to plan our own dedicated website, the one thing that we knew was that we wanted to create something different, something unique and interesting. We did not want to be like other hospitality sites. We did not want to present our property, pictures of the buildings and fill the site up with bedrooms and ‘ambience’ shots of food or beverages on display.

So we set about creating a site that would have interesting content about the places around us, the historic sites and the wonderful activities that visitors can experience.

We wanted to tell and show all our readers through our pictures and blogs about the fascinating surroundings we find ourselves in.

We know that todays’ guest is not just looking for a clean room, good food and great facilities. The modern guest is looking for an experience, something that he/she will not forget.

So, we set about experiencing many of the activities ourselves, photographing our experiences and then writing about them for our website blog.

We want to invite our future guests to stay with us by inviting them to join us through our surroundings. That is the reason that the home pages of our hotels proudly show photographs of the famous vineyards up by the Spitzhaus behind the Radisson Blu, the historic Bastei bridge in the Swiss Saxony area or pictures of Dresden and its interesting architecture, all taken by our team.

We hope that you enjoy wandering through our new website, that you experience just a small taste of Saxon Elbland and Saxony through our blogs, and we hope to see you among our guests in the future!