The Lies Museum, Radebeul

“There are lies, then the fun stops. There are lies, then fun begins. Experience of unforgettable visit to the Museum of Lying in Radebeul.”

The museum of lies is a very special kind of place for all ages. But this is not your ordinary museum with displays behind glass cabinets.

The ‘Museum of lies’ is actually not really a museum at all. Upon entering you are welcomed with a fresh cup of ‘tea of lies’ based on an old recipe from Hilde von Bingen that will cause your nose to grow long, your face to go red and your legs to shorten!

According to the legend Emma von Hoenbussow founded the museum in 1884 to house her collection of things that do not exist. So here you can find the original sound of the Titanic sinking and a hole from Mozart’s magic flute.

As a matter of fact the museum is not about lies but rather about illusions,, mysterious stories, hidden truths and obscure phenomena.

In September 2012 the museum moved to where it is today, the old Inn of Serkowitz in Radebeul, not far from the Radisson Blu.

Get into the message the museum is trying to convey with its’ cracks, whistles hisses and flashes. You will see the haunted houses of Bali, Elvis in the cupboard, Eva Braun’s typewriter, a flying carpet, Burmese puppets and countless other absurd collages, curiosities and moving objects.

The museum is a weird cabinet of absurdity and a place of pilgrimage for all liars of this world.


(Photo Credit: The Lies Museum, Radebeul, Photographer: André Wirsig)