The journey to building our website

I don’t think many people understand the complexities of building a dedicated website that allows browsers to wander freely between pages according to what seems interesting. It is a long and arduous journey that involves so much work, planning, programming and of course content.

Prestige Hotel Collection are fortunate to have found an amazing partner and creator in Blueflamingo located in Toronto. A professional website developer is definitely a prerequisite for success.

Once the brief has been accepted the hard work begins. A detailed schedule of progress is laid out that must be adhered to if the site is to go live on the target date. This timetable includes design and build steps and progresses according to the designers need for authorization and, most importantly, content.

All the online capabilities such as reservations online, voucher sales and such are technical issues that are programmed into the site.

In our case the website was to a certain degree, a work in progress in that we were continually reaching for a more interesting site than those one usually experiences with hotels. We studied other sites to learn what we did not want to do, while learning at the same time those things that we had to include.

We ended up by deciding that future guests would first be interested in where we are located, and what experiences there are in our surroundings.

In other words we turned the usual websites inside out and invited our guests to come to us by showing all the wonderful places around us, from great walking and hiking activities, to historic sites and magnificent palaces, to the world famous porcelain factory in Meissen, to the amazing views from the Bastei bridge in Swiss Saxony and so many more.

What we believe is that once you all see what there is to experience in Saxon Elbland around us, you will want to end the day at our hotels located in the countryside in the  heart of this fascinating area.

So we ended up with home pages that present pictures of the Spitzhaus above the Radisson Blu Park Hotel & Conference Centre, Dresden Radebeul among the historic vineyards, perspectives of Dresden or examples of the architecture to be seen.

We believe that we have accomplished what we set out to do in our website, and that is to surround the browser with history, activities, experiences and all the fascinating things that Saxon Elbland in Saxony has to offer. Once we have captured your imagination, is there any better place to stay than with us in the heart of the countryside?


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