The Dresden ‘Stollenfest’ Parade

The Dresden Striezelmarkt is world famous.  Founded as a one-day market in 1434, it celebrated its 584th anniversary in 2018. Its 240 stands attract about 3 million visitors from all over the world.

But one of the major highlights during the Striezelmarkt period is the ‘Stollenfest Parade’. Initiated by Augustus the First in 1730 during a military display, he displayed his passion for record breaking by commissioning a huge Stollen bread from the Dresden Master Baker at the time, Johann Andreas Zacharias. Weighing in at approximately 1800 kilograms, which was distributed among the military personnel in the encampment after being displayed.

Today all the bakeries in Dresden cooperate to produce a giant Stollen which is then paraded through the streets of old Dresden before being cut up and sold, with most of the funds going to worthy causes.

The Stollenfest Parade is a joyous and colorful event with horse drawn carts, wonderful period costumes and fun, fun, fun!!

We hope that you enjoy the pictures and hope that they convey just a little of the wonderful and historic event that Agustus 1st. Started so many years ago.


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