Moritzburg Castle and ‘Lössnitzdackel’ Steam Train

Ride history on the glorious steam trains from Radebeul to Moritzburg

The minute I board the ‘Lössnitzdackel’ I am transported back in time to the glorious days of the magnificent steam trains. I can experience a ride that is over 100 years old in the original  carriages, or sit in the open-air car in summer. I feel the wind in my face as the train winds its’ way through fields and forests from Radebeul to Moritzburg. I arrive exhilarated and ready to explore the Moritzburg Castle that dates back to 1542.

The magical Moritzburg castle sits on its’ own island in the picturesque town of Moritzburg.

Alighting from the exhilarating open-air steam train ride through the woods, I immerse myself in the wonders of the Baroque castle built for the Duke of Moritzburg between 1542 to 1546. Developed extensively since then, the interior of the castle is furnished with examples of opulent baroque decor from the time of Augustus the Strong. The walls are covered in 17th century gold-gilded leather. Many rooms’ furnishings are dedicated to courtly hunting, and I find myself I imagining what life was like for royalty back then. I wander back to the Moritzburg promenade and manage to catch the castle in perfect reflection on the waters.