Live music – a virtuoso violinist

Live music a virtuoso violinist

The talented violinist Katrin Wettin will delight us with her virtuoso playing and her passion for music at the Karl May Bar.

Katrin Wettin mingles together different genres and invites her audience on an exciting and emotional adventure through the historical and new musical landscape.
From Bach to The Beatles right up to ACDC and back to Mozart.
Katrin Wettin is playing at the Karl May Bar on the following dates: September 15th. / 27.10. / 11/24/23. Immerse yourself in the world of classical music and let yourself be enchanted by the magical sounds of the violin.

We look forward to welcome you to this unique violin concert with Katrin Wettin in the Karl May Bar in the Radisson Blu.

All artists and their dates can be found here:

• 13.10. Gesang/Singer – Asia de Saleh

• 20.10. Piano – Falk Höppner

• 27.10. Geige/Fiddle – Katrin Wettin

• 03.11. Harfe/Harp – Rebekka Albrecht

• 10.11. Piano – Falk Höppner

• 24.11. Geige/Fiddle – Katrin Wettin